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 Jurassic Park San Diego Facilities

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Voici la carte de Jurassic Park San Diego, réalisée par Márcio Luiz Freire de Albuquerque et corrigée par le Staff de Jurassic Park Legacy, ainsi que quelques images des installations Wink

Jurassic Park Legacy a écrit:
This map was an effort by the Jurassic Park Legacy Research staff to correct mistakes of the original version done by a Márcio Luiz Freire de Albuquerque. Originally the map had all too common fallacies of mixing film and novel canon with one another and has since been redone and modified for the purposes of accuracy for the Jurassic Park: Encyclopedia.

Throughout the map we were attempting to be loyal to the movies whenever it came to speculation on our behalf. Unfortunately, not much is known about the San Diego attraction aside from that it would feature an arena, with shows, as well as security for an herbivore-oriented park. What we do know can be found in several images from the concept art depicted in these four various images to your left below the map image.

Our speculation, for this and more, comes from primarily the concept art pictures seen in the film and we mostly speculated from the Animal Paddock Placement and as well as the Amenity (Restaurants, Playground, and Souvenir shops) Naming & Placement from concept art pictures showing a completed JP San Diego that we used.

The dinosaurs seen on this map are based off of what we saw inGen capture from their expedition to Isla Sorna in 1997 in The Lost World: Jurassic Park film. Animal placing is speculative and based off of concept art seen in the film to the best of our ability. It's possible inGen planned on capturing juvenile Sauropods that are known to be on Site B, judging from the concept art, but this is not a confirmation.

For the building placement and naming conventions on the amenities we will admit we took some artistic license and based some of the names from Islands Of Adventure's Jurassic Park ride. This is not our attempt at passing them off as "canon" per say, but our attempt at identifying what the buildings possibly could/would have been used for if the San Diego facility had successfully been completed and opened to the public.

Le plan en 1024X743:

Pour télécharger la carte en format 1921X1394, cliquez ici: Jurassic Park San Diego (Map)

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Jurassic Park San Diego Facilities
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